Clay Boatright


“My sister with autism lived with our father in Florida, and when he died, I brought her to Texas.  The support system was intimidating and hard to understand, but Clay helped us identify options and, with his always positive attitude, got us excited for the future.  My sister is now living her best life!”


Having raised identical twins with severe intellectual disabilities and autism, and caring for my wife as she went through chemotherapy for the cancer which ultimately took her life, I know the challenges families face.  We will work together to understand your specific needs and create a plan for a life well lived!

Ten Session Masterclass

Based on my “Top 10 To-Dos For Families With Disabilities”, these ten session Zoom classes focus on the core building blocks for creating a stable family environment. Limited to a maximum of eight attendees per session, we learn and inspire each other as members build their new foundation.

Clay helped our HR Leadership Team understand how companies grow stronger with team members who have disabilities and that the costs are minimal.  His training included examples of best-in-class corporations and provided specific tactics for us to execute.

Corporate Consulting

I have been a Sales, Marketing, and Insights executive in the consumer packaged goods industry for over thirty years, working for large corporations like Coca-Cola to small entrepreneurial startups.  As Corporate America embraces DE&I, I can help craft the human resources strategy for improving the employment of people with disabilities, supporting the needs of employees who are also primary caregivers, and identifying the reasonable accommodations for both.

Keynote Speaking

Leveraging a unique set of life challenges which were overcome with a smile, I can inspire your team to leave their drama at the door and embrace the opportunities ahead.  Topics include “Raising Your Own Circus – The Fun Of Challenging Children”, “There Is No Work-Life Balance, Only Fun!”, “Starting Over From Scratch And Why Dating Apps Suck”, and “Get Off Your Butt And In The Game!”

Clay kicked off our department’s yearly retreat with refreshing perspectives and an alignment of priorities.  We entered our strategy sessions with clarity and a few laughs which made for a wonderful experience.  We will definitely invite Clay back next year!